Whenever we ask our teachers what ONE thing they need to improve their school, the answer always comes back, more books.  

This is especially true in the rural and poor areas, where children may not have a single book of their own at home. 

Despite all the attractions of modern technology - computers, video games, dvd's - there is still no substitute for books and the love of reading as a foundation to education.  And after all, it's very hard to cosy up in bed with a computer, or take a dvd player on the bus - books still have huge advantages in our lives. 

In the developed world, books are everywhere.  children grow up and grow out of books, which are stacked away in the attic.  School boards decide a new text book is needed, and whole sets of beautiful books are consigned to the stockroom.  We know that there are many books out there which we would love to give a new home to.

The problem is of course, shipping.  Books are heavy and bulky!  The good news is, we have largely solved this problem for UK donors, thanks to our wonderful partners Fyffes, the banana folks.  Essentially, you can box books up, and if you can get them to Portsmouth, Fyffes will bring them over for us FREE.  (They will also bring over other school supplies for us.)  For details, please click here to contact Sue Harris, Resource Development Director, who co-ordinates this programme.

US and Canadian donors at the moment find the barrel system the most effective.  For get more details of this, please click here . We are investigating other options too.

Our pictures - right show a variety of places that the infants of St. Stephen's Monkey River found to read,  Emily from one of our partner schools in the UK reading alongside the statue of famous comedian Eric Morcambe, and preschoolers at Monkey River having fun with Big Books.



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