Christ the King school is located in Dangriga, in the Stann Creek district.  Dangriga is often called Belize’s Capital of Culture, and this is reflected in the life of the school, where we are fortunate to have a part time music teacher. 

The school has 220 children and 12 teachers, and is located by the sea in the centre of town.  Dangriga is a largely Garifuna community, the Garifuna people have a mixed West African and Spanish heritage.  The most famous Belizean Garifuna of recent years was the late great Andy Palacio, whose album “Watina“ was voted all time greatest World Music Album.

The school serves a poor community, including many single parent families.   Parents often don’t have spare cash to support their children at school, and so the teachers take turns every week to try to raise BZ$200 by selling home made snacks in order to supply the basic needs of the school - toilet paper, cleaning materials, chalk and so on.

Christ the King school has been very fortunate to receive a wonderful donation of computers and training for one of our teachers, thanks to the Rotary Club, and we are in the process of raising funds to convert the music room into a computer room.  We are sad to lose the music room, but we can hold music lessons in the classrooms for now - the need for a computer room is greater. 

The big need for Christ the King school is books - the classrooms are very poorly supplied and there is no central library.  We also need arts and music supplies badly, to allow the children to carry on the Garifuna artistic traditions.  And the classrooms are terribly shabby - new furniture and paint would be a great boost to the appearance of the school.

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