"In fifty years time, no one will care what car you drove, what labels you wore, what jewelery you owned, what your living room furniture looked like, what clubs you belonged to.  But if you improved the life of just one child in need - THAT will be remembered for ever."

Our featured supporter is Greta Gay Jenkins.  Here's what she told us.

" My name is Greta Gay Jenkins, and I'm Belizean born, living in the New York area. I was raised in the Stann Creek Valley and went to Holy Angels school in Pomona. I collect new and used clothing from other Belizeans in New York to send to Belize’s rural areas. I also collect new and used books and hope to send these books to Belize to assist a special program started by Jackie Spinner called “Angel Says Read”. I love to go to the inner city schools and read to children during the summer. I think it leaves a lasting impression on them. I love when they all start screaming 'What are you gonna read this time, Ms Greta?', that really makes me happy.”

Miss Greta and her friends sent us a barrel full of clothes and shoes.  This is what we did with it:

Donated twenty three pairs of shoes to needy children from St. Stephen's School, Monkey River (we fitted feet to shoes in a kind of lucky dip!).

Had a bargain sale of adult clothes and shoes in the village, raising BZ$153 for school funds.

Put some good items aside for prizes in our Easter Tombola, which will raise yet more funds.

Greta is now organising a $25 sponsorship drive for some of the most needy children in our schools.

Our thanks go out to Greta and her friends and work mates in New York City!


Miss Greta

If you would like to donate in kind, or volunteer, please do contact us for more information.  Even the smallest items can be so very useful!  Click here to send us an email.