Hurricane Richard hit Belize as a strong Category 1 Hurricane, which actually speeded up as it went inland - a very rare occurence.  Richard hit land somewhere close to the Belmopan area, and Belize City sexperienced strong winds and flooding. 

The main effect on our schools was:

1. Flooding in the City - which meant water and mud damage on the ground floor of all our schools.  We also experienced a major theft of electrical cable at St Mary's which will cost BZ$3000 to replace.

2. The roof blew off of part of Christ the King school in Dangriga, and the entire building was flooded as well as the schoolyard, which has been left in a very unhygenic state.  We are hoping the government will pay for the building repairs.  We are already replacing damaged books etc from the large donation received from the UK Anglican Church this autumn.

3. The roof blew off the kitchen at St Agnes, La Democracia, this has been repaired.

Check back for more pictures as they come in.

We really need your support to help us get our schools back to normal.  so many things were damaged and destroyed in the horrible mud.  Look closely at the pictures, our furniture and equipment was pretty old and shabby before, now it's even worse!  And many of our children, especially in the city, are going home to live in very pitiful conditions.  Please help by donating whatever you can - we will use every penny wisely.  

You can send a check to our office (click here for more information, or donate via Paypal - there is a button below.

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