The Anglican Management were asked to take over this formerly government run school, and we took up the reins in September 2010.  We have amalgamated the school with St. Agnes, Mahogany Heights, a few miles away on the other side of the Western Highway , and so it is known as St. Agnes La Democracia.

The school is housing the preschool, infant, lower and middle divisions of St. Agnes, with Standard 5 and 6 housed at the smaller Mahogany Heights location.  La Democracia is a poor, ethnically mixed community; many of those parents who work commute ot Belize City or Belmopan, others make a subsistance living doing what they can.

The school has enough space, but classrooms, furniture and resources are dilapidated and we have a problem with thieving, so we need to look at improved security.

We are delighted to take on the challenge of growing St. Agnes, and we will be develping both school facilities over the coming years.

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