St. Joseph's Preschool is in Punta Gorda, and is our southernmost outpost in Belize.  It nestles behind the tiny St. Joseph's Church in the main street of Punta Gorda, and serves over 20 children.

Punta Gorda is very much a multi-ethnic town, and we have children from the Mayan, Mestizo and Garifuna communities.  The school has two teachers, and is well supported by parents.

The school's premises are light and airy and there is a small grassed area outside for safe play.  In the classroom there are well organised "corners" for social education, art, reading, imaginative play, nature study, maths and more. 

To help us maintain the high standards st St.Joseph's, and to spread our good work to other less fortunate schools, please consider sending us a donation using the easy  Paypal link below.  Every penny is valued and used wisely.

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