St. Mary's is located in the heart of Belize City and serves some of its poorest families.  The school has 264 pupils aged from 5 to 14, and 16 teachers.  The school's mission statement is:

"St. Mary's is committed to equipping children with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to develop themselves as whole and unique individuals becoming outstanding contributing members of societyā€¯.

There is a very successful feeding programme at St. Mary's which ensures that children do not attend school hungry.  Less than a third of the children attending school have parents who can afford to pay the school fee of BZ$50 (US$25) per year, which means the school operates under considerable financial constraints.

The school was founded in 1922, and the building in which it is housed is in need of major repairs.  To find out more about St Mary's and for more pictures, click HERE.

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