St. Stephen’s, Flowers Banks is located in rural Belize River Valley.

There are thirty six pupils and three teachers, including a teaching principal, with multigrade classes.

Classrooms are bright and cheerful, but have limited resources.  In particular the teachers need story books, educational games and art supplies.  Teachers often supply basics from their own limited resources.

The community earns its living by fishing and farming, and there isn’t much money to go around.  Children often come to school hungry, and the teachers, who live nearby, have been known to bring their own breakfast in to feed the children.

We are now offering a very simple feeding programme which is run out of the kitchen of the teacher who lives next door to the school.  We literally run this programme from hand to mouth, we are fortunate to have one regular monthly donation from the UK, but we need more!

The school has water which is collected in a vat, but the vat is not in good repair and doesn’t hold enough to last right through the dry season.  We have a well, with a pump, but the well is not deep enough so the water is coming up muddy, and can’t be used.  We need funds to improve the well and secure a sufficient water supply.  

The toilets are old fashioned earth closets, not ideal for children especially in the rainy season when the path is very muddy.  We urgently need to install modern flushing toilets.

In one classroom the ceiling leaks, in the other, the ceiling is not even closed in.  One of our pictures shows Teacher George with a scorpion caught in a plastic cup, which had dropped down from the rafters on the day of our visit - a common occurrence.  The school has electricity, but only a single light in each classroom and just two outlets.  When it rains and the windows have to be closed, the children are working in very poor light.  We need to improve the ceilings in the classrooms so they are watertight and we can then improve our lighting.

Can you help break the cycle of poverty at this delightful little school, where the teachers work so hard with so little?  


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